Diversity and Inclusion Program

Gazaskygeeks has championed women’s inclusivity in our coding, freelancing, and entrepreneurship training programs and co-working spaces…

About the Diversity and Inclusion Program

Since our founding days in 2011, GSG has championed women’s inclusivity in our coding, freelancing, and entrepreneurship training programs and co-working spaces. We are proud to have a community and co-working space that consistently has a female representation rate of 50%. While women’s inclusivity will always remain a core part of our organizational DNA, we are proud to expand this work into a broader Diversity & Inclusion program pillar to extend our services to other underserved groups in Palestine.

As Palestine’s leading tech hub, GSG has a role to play in ensuring that Palestine’s emerging tech ecosystem is a welcoming place for all members of society to access and thrive in, regardless of gender, age, race, religion, education levels, physical ability, or geographic location. As GSG expands its presence and team across Palestine, we remain committed to ensuring that our programs – as they scale – are designed within the principles of equity and inclusion and that we foster a community that is truly representative of the world outside our co-working space.

Our current D&I initiatives include 

Supporting the growth and providing a platform for female entrepreneurs

We support high-potential female alumni of the GeeXelerator program with ongoing post-program support.

Gazaskygeeks facilitates speaking opportunities for female entrepreneurs and techies from the local ecosystem to share their knowledge with the broader GSG community.


An intensive 4-weeks training designed and implemented by GSG to guide female high school graduates in Gaza to develop their life, employability, and entrepreneurship skills and inspire them to pursue university studies and careers in STEM.


A 12-week program for girls aged 10-18 to work in teams to find a problem in their community and build a mobile app to help solve it. Along the way, they develop their collaboration, problem-solving, and leadership skills.

Contributing data and research related to the gender income gap for online freelancers in Gaza

Based on data collected from XX cohorts of the GSG Freelance Academy, GSG published findings that point to a staggering gender income gap. Through focus groups and other initiatives, GSG seeks to better understand the reasons for this gap to improve our curriculum and post-program support to lessen the earning gap of female freelancers in Gaza.

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