Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of joining GeeXelerator?

  • Up to $2,000 grant money per team for marketing, online services, or other costs. Money is only disbursed after phases one and two of the program to top 10 teams and may only be spent toward deliverables and milestones agreed upon with the GSG GeeXelerator team
  • Access to a limited number of shared coworking desk, electricity, fiber internet, and other amenities in GSG’s co-working hub on a first-come-first-serve basis
  • Access to marketing and hosting credit for launching products from companies like Amazon, Hubspot, and Facebook
  • Access to in-person and online mentorship from international experts, software engineers, CEOs, designers, and marketing gurus who have worked at companies like Google, Uber, Soundcloud, and many other companies
  • Access to GSG’s investor network and eligibility to participate in regional startup competitions

What is the GeeXelerator Goal?

Our goal in the GeeXelerator Program is to help entrepreneurs build successful startups that create value for entrepreneurs, customers, community. The program focuses on revenue generation and investment readiness.

What does the name GeeXelerator mean?

The name GeeXelerator came from Geeks & Accelerator. We found this name represents what we do at Gaza Sky Geeks which is accelerating the process for technical and business geeks to build their startups.

Why the Hackathon and demo?

  • The Hackathon helps you build a usable and testable prototype that you can get out to csutomers and collect feedback on your idea
  • The hackathon is a 3 day-long event in which your team is surrounded by other amazing developers, mentors and the support you’ll need to build a working prototype/demo of your product’s core features. It is your opportunity to demonstrate your teamwork and capabilities to GSG’s team members and meet other GeeXelerator teams
  • Hackathon judges will award prizes to the teams with the clear usable insights and best demos that can be used by the teams during the GeeXelerator 
  • The Hackathon is an excellent opportunity for teams to get feedback on their product ideas from users, mentors, and GSG staff
  • The hackathon will include workshops and ad-hoc mentoring with Gazan and international startup experts, as well as software engineering mentors.

What are the judging criteria for the Hackathon?

Execution: How well did the team execute and explain their problem? Did they demo a working solution?

Fundability: How viable is the business model?

Value Proposition: Does the project create value for customers?

Scalability: How many people / how impactful is this idea?

Design: How well is the app designed? How are the look and feel and UX/UI of the solution?

How will teams accelerate their progress on building their startups during the program?

  • Teams will receive tailored 1×1 mentorship and coaching via interactions with GSG staff, local mentors, and visiting and remote international mentors
  • Teams will build their foundational knowledge via talks, workshops and panel discussions by guest speakers
  • Teams will expand their professional network by meeting with professionals from the right industries during the program, and by pitching to investors and thought leaders from around the world
  • Teams will receive grants and necessary credits for launching their products and marketing it to their target audience

How is the GeeXelerator different from the previous GSG programs, like Gaza Challenge?

There are a few key differences to be aware of:

  • There are no requirements for full-time, in-person work inside GSG
  • In previous years, GSG invested a large amount of time into a smaller number of teams. In this program, GSG is widening the number of teams but providing a lighter touch. By doing so, we are seeking to find the most dedicated, driven founders who have the professional basics to work more autonomously and manage their time, and who take the initiative to draw on the many resources GSG can offer.
  • Progression through this program is entirely deliverables-based. If deliverables are not met on time (e.g. you do not launch your product on time), you do not progress to the next phase. GSG is looking for responsible founders who are organized, communicative, and take initiative– all prerequisites for any business leader.

In the past, GSG held a week-long series of workshops, mentoring, hacking, and pitching to educate applicants on the basics of startups and help them through the process. This year, we are prioritizing demos of product features and introducing topics in a more gradual way and only when relevant. We don’t want to overwhelm teams with information, and so, for example, will only begin to speak with you about marketing once you are clearly nearing launching your product publicly online.

Our goal for your team at the end of the GeeXelerator is to have a functional product online that customers want to use. Only then will we begin to talk about investment and other topics—without a product and users, your startup is just an idea.  

How is GeeXelerator 2.0 different from GeeXelerator 1.0?

 The new program is different in the following ways:

  • GX 2.0 program will not start with a hackathon to filter startups and select the best ones. However, this time you will kick the program by focusing on building the business assumptions and validating the business model.
  • We try to deliver workshops in person to create a more interactive environment and help entrepreneurs learn from each other. 

How many teams will you accept to the GeeXelerator?

We expect to select up to 30 teams to start in the GeeXelerator, and a maximum of 5 teams will be selected to participate in regional startup competitions and pitch to investors. GSG has full discretion over the number of teams selected.

What is required of my team once we are selected?

Commitment is critical. Every cofounder should be willing and able to commit 15 hours/week of time and energy to reaching out to customers, launching a fully usable product with main functional features, and solving a real problem in the world. We are also looking for people who are prepared to contribute to the community of teams in the accelerator by committing to coming to workshops once a week at our co-working space, using our mentorship network and connections to your fullest benefit, engaging in GSG’s programming activities, and actively sharing and learning with other founders in the program. We expect that you all come to the program with an open mind and great attitude ready to learn, improve and launch your product!

Can I be removed from GeeXelerator?

Yes. GSG’s time and resources are very limited, just like yours. We cannot afford to allocate resources to teams that are not committed, as it also takes time and resources away from the more committed teams. We will ask you to sign several agreements if you are accepted that outline our expectations (for example, missing meetings with mentors, failing to present deliverables or meet milestones, etc.). If you are removed from GeeXelerator because of a lack of commitment, you will be required to repay any grant funding that you may have received from GSG and our partners.

Are there specific sectors or markets teams should target?

We are interested in two types of businesses:

1) Highly Scalable Products: We are interested in startups that have the potential to scale (e.g. reach hundreds of thousands, if not millions of customers). There should be potential to target large markets in the MENA Region or around the world. However, your idea should also be able to be tested here in Gaza/West Bank. For example, because of the limitations on travel, it is very hard for Gazan teams to launch a startup serving customers in the US or Europe because of the difficulties in talking with customers and lack of familiarity with the markets. You should first focus on customer segments and specific markets where you can actually pick up the phone to talk with or meet in person with your first users. Otherwise, it will be very difficult to know what your users really want.

2) Highly Profitable Products for Local Palestinian Market: We recognize that not all online products launched from Palestine can achieve large-scale or may be appropriate for venture investment. Alternatively, we are interested in product ideas that may be targeting the local market, but these products must a) be technology driven, and b) must be able to demonstrate rapid revenue generation potential. If a founder decides to focus on the local market, it must be able to demonstrate that the product can achieve revenue generation quickly, and be highly profitable as a substitute for product scalability.  

What kinds of teams are you looking for?

You are self-learners. Before thinking to ask someone something, you Google it first. You are willing to adapt, be flexible, and learn quickly. You or someone on your team is outgoing and not afraid to cold call users and accept tough feedback about your idea or product. You are passionate about your idea and have a clear vision of a problem you are trying to solve—ideally one you have faced yourself. You have a co-founder who is a software developer or are partnering with one who will help you get your prototype off the ground. You ideally have professional work experience.

Do you accept hardware startups or non-tech product ideas?

No, sorry. Given the restrictions on physical goods in Gaza, we can’t support hardware companies at this time.

How many people can be on my team?

There is not a set number, but at the pre-product stage you should really not have more than 5 members and all should be founder-level participants. It should be clear what value each person brings to the team at this stage. You also should not focus on titles, but on describing what each person contributes. Titles like CEO or COO really do not mean anything before you have a product or users, so when we ask you what your team members do, tell us what you actually do, not what your title is. If you have other people working on the project (interns, etc.), that is okay, but don’t include them on your application. If you don’t need a co-founder, then you should demonstrate that you can build your product yourself.

What startups have come through Gaza Sky Geeks previously?

Check out our Startups page to see previously incubated and accelerated startups.

What is Gaza Sky Geeks?

GSG is the leading co-working space, startup accelerator, and technology education hub in Gaza. We bring together online freelancers, outsourcers, and startup founders together under one roof to share ideas, learn, innovate, code, and geek out!

Founded in 2011 in partnership with Google and the international NGO Mercy Corps, we began by holding the first Startup Weekends in Gaza and expanding education about tech entrepreneurship. In 2014, we began working with individual startup founders to grow their businesses outside of Gaza and to develop our own incubation curriculum. In 2014 and 2015, we facilitated the first venture investments into Gazan startups.

GSG is a program of Mercy Corps, and as such works are hard to leverage its international presence and network. We are a part of Google for Entrepreneurs’ partner network, receive support from TechStars, support from 500 Startups, and other world-class accelerators around the world, all of which benefits our entrepreneurs.

Check out our Media page and About Us page for more info.

Do you provide any space for startups at your co-working space?

This program allows people to work from their homes or somewhere other than GSG co-working space. However, we have a limited number of seats reserved for GeeXelerator teams in our co-working space. These are on a first come first served basis. If you want to work from here, you need to come early. We cannot guarantee dedicated desks for individuals participating in the program during the 16 weeks. However, we started offering dedicated desk space at our startups’ alumni room for 2 cofounders per startup. Startups will have to fill an online application to get access to the room. Reach out to startups’ program staff for more details. 

Will Gaza Sky Geeks help me travel ?

Gaza Sky Geeks helps entrepreneurs launch their businesses. This is what is most important for us in this program. What you need to be focusing on when joining the program is how to grow your business and become one of the top startups that make great results on their business which means they are competent.

That said, we believe that our Startups need to get such exposure opportunities, that help them to grow, experience and learn about their businesses target markets. We have helped many of our entrepreneurs to travel and engage in international competitions and investment pitches. In late 2018, we sent a group of startups to Istanbul, Bahrain, Berlin, Dubai, Egypt, and Amman to meet investors and learn more about these markets. However, we don’t guarantee that you will have the same chance in this round.


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