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Current Openings

GSG Business Development Officer

We are looking for an experienced sales professional with experience in a tech startup or as a software developer to forge partnerships with companies, primarily in Palestine and the MENA region, interested in hiring graduates of the Gaza Sky Geeks Code Academy in Gaza and the West Bank. This role is for a Palestinian based in the West Bank, and would augment the Digital Agency team to build a pipeline of work opportunities for our graduates.

Senior Web Developer, GSG Digital Agency

Gaza Sky Geeks seeks to hire an amazing senior web developer with a strong history of professional experience with commercial clients and project management. Our new senior developer will join the growing team at the GSG Digital Agency.

Client Relations Manager, GSG Digital Agency

Mercy Corps’ Gaza Sky Geeks program recently launched a commercial Digital Agency to connect graduates of GSG coding and freelancing programs with customers for their digital services abroad. During its first phase, the digital agency has successfully engaged with a number of international clients, from VC backed startups and social enterprises based in London, to US health tech companies. The digital agency is now ready to scale and grow both our team in Gaza and the number and size of our international clients.

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