Our Startups

A gaming studio that focuses on producing high quality games for the MENA region
Maktabi is the Airbnb for workspaces, tailored to freelancers and small teams
5QHQH is the 9gag for the Arab world
Sabeel is like a Foursquare for Muslims abroad, sharing halal food recommendations and Islamic events
Dietii is a mobile app that helps women in the Arab world improve their health
Mockapp logo
MockApp is an improved InvisionApp for the Arab market, enabling anyone to create a working mockup
A device that charges your phone while you walk
Keen Ball is a smart soccer ball
Tigarty’s software works like a personal stock manager
Waraq is an online publishing platform to discover new authors
I’M is a mobile app that addresses psychological challenges with an avatar
Tanaffas helps Arabs who need psychological support to connect easily to professionals
Enabling top management to easily obtain the data they need to make decisions
A sports social network that transfers real-life fan activities onto an online platform
A carpooling and taxi ordering network
A second screen app and social network built around TV shows