The GeeXelerator is an intensive 16-week pre-seed acceleration program that aims to help teams build a usable product with only the most essential core features, validate the core product feature with users, launch the feature online for public use, and scale their product’s user base.

Selected teams are expected to make progress towards identifying their target market, building a product feature that addresses real users’ problems, securing initial users, and making a strong business case for the product investors by the end of the 16-week program. Teams will run data-driven experiments to validate or invalidate their product’s core feature’s practical use with potential customers. They will define and refine their target market, and automate processes for scaling the products to reach more people.

The GeeXelerator Program is divided into three phases:

  • Business case validation and the building business model
  • Coding to develop the most important core feature
  • Launching publicly online and investment preparation
  • Validate your business model

  • Develop the most important core feature of your product

  • Launch your product online and Start getting customer traction

  • Meet Investors

GeeXelerator Program Interviews

To be eligible for the GeeXelerator program, applying teams that meet the selection criteria and have a valid business case and strong business model will be invited to an interview with Gaya Skz Geeks Acceleration team. The interview aims at understanding the core problem, business value proposition, and the proposed solutions. The interviews will be held on 1-3rd April, 2019. The interview is your best opportunity to show GSG your team’s ability to work together and help us get to know you more.

Teams that pass the interview will automatically admit to the first phase of the GeeXelerator program where they work to build the main business assumptions and validate them with rigorous research and advice from local and international mentors.

The GeeXelerator Program is divided into three phases:

  1. Business case validation and building business model
  2. Coding to develop the most important core feature
  3. Launching publicly online and investment preparation

Each week, teams work on a set of outputs or deliverables that will build on each other week after week to ensure you are making progress. At the end of each week, teams must submit the deliverables to the GeeXelerator program staff for review and assessment in a Google Sheets workbook. The staff provides feedback and a numeric grade indicating the quality of the deliverables to let teams know if they are on track or not.

To move from one phase to the next, teams must adequately pass a major milestone such as launching online and pitching to GeeXelerator staff. Week to week grades and feedback are to provide guidance to teams to let them know if they are on track.

At the beginning of each week, local or International mentors will deliver 2-4 hours of workshops at GSG’s office on the theme of that week’s deliverables to help participants understand the theme of that week’s work. In addition, teams will have access to weekly office hours with GSG staff and local and international mentors to ask questions and get feedback throughout the week.

The GeeXelerator Program will culminate with a demo day where remaining teams who have passed the program milestones have the opportunity to pitch to potential investors, as well as potentially travel to regional startup competitions such as RiseUp Summit.


Phase I of the GeeXelerator Program ends with a hackathon competition where startups will present their demos at the end of the hackathon. The purpose of the hackathon is to help startups identify the most core features for their products and build a product that they can use to collect data from their potential customers. The GeeXelerator staff will select teams to move to phase II of the GeeXelerator program. Teams presenting demos at the hackathon will be ranked by judges and eligible for prizes worth up to $1000.



The GeeXelerator program is heavily deliverables-based and you will be evaluated, and advance through the program, based upon the quality and professionalism of the outputs you deliver. As such, teams are not required to work in Gaza Sky Geeks or necessarily work on their product full-time. A critical part of being an entrepreneur is managing your own time. Teams are expected to attend weekly workshops and participate in scheduled mentorship sessions and to deliver work on time. If teams fail to communicate with GSG staff about obstacles or missed deliverables, they will be unlikely to advance through the program’s later stages and have the opportunity to meet with investors.

Applications to the GSG GeeXelerator program will be open on March 5, and are due at 11:59 pm March 27th. Applicants should apply through the application form by Clicking here 

Each team should submit one online application. There are two parts to the application:

  • Part 1: Applying teams fill out the online application form in which they will outline the problem they are trying to solve, how they were inspired to solve this problem, their proposed solution, and how they believe this solution might support a sustainable stand-alone business.
  • Part 2: Applicants who pass an initial screen will be expected to attend an interview where they should deliver a presentation to GSG’s staff and answer questions. The entire team must come to GSG’s office for the interview and provide a 3-minutes product demo that covers:
    • Team – who you are, what you do, why you’re here (each team member should be included)
    • Problem/Solution– provide an elevator pitch about the problem you are trying to solve, your proposed solution, and some data about why your solution is better than existing solutions.
    • Market– How many people have this problem, or how big is the potential market (in people or US Dollars)? There should be enough demand that you and your potential investors can make real money.
    • Product Core Feature- Show us your product’s most important core feature. This is the feature that makes or breaks your startup idea. Ideally, you have already written some code and can show us real features. At a minimum, you must show wireframes or what the front-end user experience is like.

  • 10 - 15 Hours commitment per-week

    each cofounder needs to commit 10-15 hours per week, A critical part of being an entrepreneur is managing your own time. Teams are expected to attend weekly workshops and participate in scheduled mentorship sessions and deliver work on time.

  • 2 - 5 team members

    Team members should essentially be all at founder levels and should have either business or technical background (or both).

Meet our Startups


It’s a mobile application which connects home cooks with a customer who wants to order a healthier, tasty, and fresh homemade food.


an online aggregator of the best discounts &offers from local retailers in Palestine that drives traffic to local stores by offering customers digital coupons


Khzanty is a platform allows users selling, buying and donation of clothes that their owners don’t want to wear it again.


A mobile App that enables car owners to order a car wash from freelance car cleaners, no matter where they have parked!


an online platform that helps couples plan their weddings and compare the best deals from vendors in Palestine

Global Dental Gateway

A SaaS platform for dental offices that enables patients to review, select, and book the best dentists


A web application that links successful recipients of international scholarships, scholarship advisors, and scholarship programs with prospective scholarship applicants across the MENA region to help them succeed.


a one-stop online shop for hosting, beautiful website themes, and Arabic customization that saves time and money for MENA businesses launching online


the first streamlined platform in the MENA region for social media influencers to connect with corporate brands to collaborate on marketing campaigns


Actiovat is a platform that connects between users and tour operators in UAE allowing them to customize and receive different offers from several tour operators

Izaari is a web app for Arab calligraphers and designers to upload their work, print, sell and ship it anywhere in the world

Momy Helper logo

Momy Helper is a mobile app that supports moms through community and psychological support

Kookies App logo

A community of cooking enthusiasts that also provides access to home delivered ingredients to try out new recipes

An online content marketing service that transforms social media text into video

Tashbeak is a platform for small businesses in the MENA region to connect to advisors and consultants

MockApp is an improved InvisionApp for the Arab market, enabling anyone to create a working mockup

PicLancers is a mobile app helping local photographers get hired for private events

Munasabat is an online store specialized in gift delivery from distant family members and diaspora

Keeflabs is the instructable.com for the Arab world providing a platform for DIY user generated content

A website that brings price transparency to electronic products sold through small businesses throughout the Middle East

Tigarty logo

Tigarty’s software works like a personal stock manager

Keen Ball is a smart soccer ball

Dietii is a mobile app that helps women in the Arab world improve their health

Sabeel is like a Foursquare for Muslims abroad, sharing halal food recommendations and Islamic events

5QHQH is the 9gag for the Arab world

Maktabi is the Airbnb for workspaces, tailored to freelancers and small teams

A gaming studio that focuses on producing high quality games for the MENA region

Sponding is a social media-based customer service ticketing system for large businesses

Tanaffas helps Arabs who need psychological support to connect easily to professionals

I’M is a mobile app that addresses psychological challenges with an avatar

Waraq is an online publishing platform to discover new authors

A device that charges your phone while you walk

A sports social network that transfers real-life fan activities onto an online platform

Enabling top management to easily obtain the data they need to make decisions

SUBOPP is an online tool to help freelancers and freelancing agencies distribute jobs and find new talent

A second screen app and social network built around TV shows

Wasselni logo

A carpooling and taxi ordering network

an Arabic e-commerce platform that will supply beauty & personal intimacy products to women & couples in the Arab World.

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