As soon as we began running our crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo, potential partners reached out to us to ask how they could help. Thank you! We’re tremendously grateful for your support!

Your help makes Gaza’s startup ecosystem possible. Startups around the world depend on vibrant ecosystems to succeed. They need investment, mentorship, coaching, access to talent to hire, and doors opened to their first potential clients. That’s why we’re so excited to be part of a larger community. Together, we can turn Gaza’s nascent startup movement into a successful one that creates jobs, gives young Gazans opportunity, and brings their innovative ideas to the world.

Our Top Partners

The following companies and foundations made substantial contributions to our campaign. Many will continue to engage with our entrepreneurs. Thank you all for your assistance, both financial and in-kind!

Google for Entrepreneurs

Mercy Corps

Skoll Foundation

Bank of Palestine

Source of Hope Foundation

PalTel Group 

National Beverage Company

Jabbar Internet Grou 


MBC Hope

The Online Project

Global Catalyst Foundation

Zuaiter Capital Holdings 


Silicon Badia

Rogue Venture Capital


Our In-Kind Supporters

We also received very generous in-kind support from many companies and volunteers. Without their help, our crowdfunding campaign would not have been possible! – Produced the video for our campaign and helped us formulate our story while last summer’s conflict was still happening in Gaza. Thank you for stepping up to help us during a key moment.

blue state digital – Designed the main infographic of the campaign, boiling down our complex story into an easy-to-understand image. Thank you for offering assistance on such short notice.

Talal Jabari — Produced four videos for the campaign and coached us on video production. Thank you for seeing this through with all the bumps included!

iShadeed Creative Studio – Created our initial infographic and many other designs for the campaign. Thank you! – Contributed their gorgeous scarves to the campaign, at cost.

Here are all of our in-kind supporters:


Our Social Media Partners

Many partners who believe in our mission chose to promote it relentlessly to their networks. Thank you so much!



Baraka Bits





Impact Hub NYC

Impact Hub Bay Area

Amani Institute

PCRF (Palestine Children Relief Fund)

Ramallah Global Shapers Hub

Digital Mania Studio

Factory Berlin

1871 Chicago



The Alley NYC

Starve Ups

Al Maqarr


Unreasonable Institute

MIT Enterprise Forum

Blackbox Connect

They say it takes a village to raise a child. It takes a village to raise a startup, too… and now we know that it takes a village to run a successful crowdfunding campaign as well. Thank you to everyone who is a part of our community!fasdfasdfasdf