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Our Purpose

We want to build an internationally admired and competitive tech sector in Palestine that creates high-salary jobs and future leaders.

To get there, we are connecting world-class technical, professional, financial, and community resources to any Palestinian who wants to work online or in tech.

Watch this short video to learn about our three major programs supporting coders, freelancers, and startups.

Our Story

Gaza Sky Geeks is an initiative born out of Mercy Corps’ desire to extend its work beyond traditional humanitarian programs, and Google’s interest in the Gazan tech community. What started as an initiative supporting Gazan entrepreneurship through Bootcamps in 2011 has transformed into a true powerhouse of tech and innovation. Now operating across Gaza, the West Bank, and East Jerusalem, Gaza Sky Geeks provides freelancers, founders, and coders with the technical training and support they need to earn an income online.

Mercy corps recognizing the need for a tech ecosystem 

Mercy Corps secured their first USAID-funded tech education program in the West Bank. Programs of this period mark the beginning of Mercy Corps’ consideration going beyond humanitarian programs to direct the spotlight to opportunities in tech and entrepreneurship in Gaza. 

Efforts to plant a seed of a tech ecosystem in Palestine started here as mercy corps saw an urgent need to investigate creating sustainable opportunities for youth. 

In 2011, the Arab Developer Network Initiative (ADNI) was launched through generous funding from Google. Mercy Corps arranged multiple visits for the Google team to get familiarized and work with the community on creating mobile apps.

Mercy Corps took it from here and decided to establish a Mercy Corps and Google-funded Acceleration program

Learn more about our history here

Our Team