Our Purpose

We want to build an internationally admired and competitive tech sector in Palestine that creates high-salary jobs and future leaders.

To get there, we are connecting world-class technical, professional, financial, and community resources to any Palestinian who wants to work online or in tech.

Watch this short video to learn about our three major programs supporting coders, freelancers, and startups.

Our Story

In 2009, the international NGO Mercy Corps brought senior executives from Google to Gaza. It was immediately clear to leaders in both organizations that consistent access to high-speed fiber internet could allow Gaza’s highly educated youth to side-step many of the current restrictions on the movement of people and goods that hamper the Gazan economy.

In 2011, Gaza Sky Geeks was born with a seed grant from Google.org. In the beginning, we provided inspiration and awareness about how to work online, Android programming, and tech startup basics through Startup Weekends.

In 2013, GSG launched a startup accelerator initiative, which yielded the first venture investments into Gazan startups. A year later, GSG became a proud member of the Google for Startups partner network, which continues to provide strategic advice, content, and support to help GSG grow.

Since 2015, GSG has become a central pillar of Palestine’s tech ecosystem, according to the World Bank. Today, GSG supports startups, gig economy workers, aspiring software developers,

and champions diversity and inclusion. We provide co-working services across the Gaza Strip and West Bank where future tech leaders can do their best work. We have helped thousands of young people collectively earn millions of dollars in life-sustaining income.

But we have never done this alone. Our most valuable asset is our community members’ spirit of peer learning, their pay it forward mentality, and tenacity to overcome all manner of challenges. GSG’s local community is in turn supported by a global community of volunteer mentors, experts, and hiring partners who commit their time and resources to make Palestine into a world-class market for tech products and services.

Our Partners

Our Team