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COVID-19 Impact on Freelancers – Palestine

In an attempt to better understand how COVID-19 has, continues to, and is likely to…
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Analyzing The Gender Income Gap Among GSG Freelance Academy Alumni

Although income earnings might differ from one participant to another for individualized and specific reasons,…
Gaza Sky Geeks (GSG) - English for Freelancers

English for Freelancers

English for Freelancers Presented by the British Council and Gaza Sky Geeks What is English…

Rise Up on Upwork Boot Camp Achievements Report

The bootcamp targeted 100 Gazans freelancers from who had zero jobs or little income…
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She Rises On Upwork Bootcamp Report

GSG designed a six-day bootcamp to help female freelancers in Gaza with profiles on the…
Talent Matching by Gaza Sky Geeks Services Overview
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Talent Matching Services Overview

Who We Are Gaza Sky Geeks is Palestine’s leading tech hub. Established by Google and…
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Unlocking Equality: Exploring Unpaid Care Work and Its Influence On Women’s Economic

Insights from Research: Empowerment, Challenges, and Pathways Forward Overview Unpaid care work (UPC) is an…
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Talent Matching Services

Who We Are Gaza Sky Geeks (GSG) is Palestineʼs leading tech hub, powered by the…