Freelancing For Professionals

Our freelance training is designed to teach a broad spectrum of talents how to become successful online freelancers. Through sessions focused on building a competitive online freelancing profile, social media marketing, and networking, the program is applicable to a wide range of skills, such as web development,  graphic design or translation, and many more!

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Life-Changing & Empowering

After graduating from university, I ended up doing boring jobs completely unrelated to my major. After joining the first cohort of Freelance Training in Hebron city, I found myself receiving multiple job offers across various freelancing platforms, and quit my full-time job!

Ashjan Tamimi

Freelance translator

I don’t settle for any project that comes my way, and I always encourage myself to follow the path of self-learning by accepting projects that push me to develop and grow. I’ve always read the success stories on GSG pages, and now I’m one!

Bahaa AlKhatib

Android developer

Freelance Academy Overview

Freelance Academy is a 3 month mentorship program designed to teach a broad spectrum of talents how to become successful online freelancers. Through sessions focusing on building a competitive online freelancing profile, social media marketing, and networking, the program is applicable to a wide range of skills: web development, graphic design, translation, social media, mobile development, and front-end development.







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Benefits of joining the Freelance Programs

In addition to the training received and to start working online quickly, participants will be able to enjoy the benefits of our partnership with Upwork.

We help set-up accounts on both platforms, with free promo-codes and special access, that will help kick-off the freelancing journey, win that all-important first client and securely withdraw funds earned digitally.

We welcome all graduates into our community of alumni where they will find a group of like-minded individuals.

They continue to have access to career counseling sessions, mentorship, a host of events and activities, wide variety of resources and online courses as well as a broad community of local and international developers, designers and talent. 

Course Contents


Freelancing Platforms (46 hours):

During this phase, participants will understand the actual meaning of Freelance Platforms. The training also improves the participant’s mindset on how to write proposals, communicate, negotiate, finalise projects, and withdraw their income from these websites.

Social Media (24 hours):

During this phase, participants will learn how to brand themselves and their services on different social media platforms, they will also learn how to do email marketing and the best way to track trending demands of the marketplace.

Employability Skills (10 hours):

During this phase, participants will learn the needed skills to be able to reach out to clients and to make them able to reach to agreements with clients, which includes but not limited to cover letter writing, negotiation, problem solving, accepting criticism, and CV writing.

Eligibility Criteria

Upper-Intermediate Spoken English skills

Ability to understand and speak English at least at an intermediate level is a must. Participants must have the needed English skills to allow them to communicate with clients from all over the world, which opens the door for them to secure a wide range of gigs.

Full-time commitment

Despite the fact that the freelance academy sessions are held for 3 hours a day, 3 days a week, participants must be fully available for three months — the training period. Full availability is crucial as it is key to committing to any assigned session schedule, completing tasks and assignments, attending networking events and other activities, as well as applying for gigs or working on projects when they start to land freelancing jobs during the training period.

Technical skills required 

Participants should have some previous work experience or a portfolio to showcase their skills and abilities as the program focus is to digitize and market existing skills. It also helps convince clients that they can successfully deliver on assignments secured online, for example:

Design skills

Such as graphic design, UX UI design, animation design, motion graphic, interior/exterior design or other design skills.

Coding skills

Such as web development, mobile development, wordpress development, or other coding services.

Other Skills

Such as translation, website and SEO writing, finance & accounting - any skill where you can work online, we will accept it!

Freelance Academy

The full freelance training, our 3 month mentorship program.

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Freelance Club

A short, 7 week freelancing club for people interested in freelancing but not ready to commit to the full course

Our next freelance club will begin in summer 2022 – check back soon!

Freelance Bootcamps

We hold short boot camps to help Freelancers get a kick start on online freelancing platforms

Our 2022 bootcamp is now finished! Check back next year for 2023!

Freelance For Academics

Our freelancing course adapted for people working in academia.


Applications opening later this year

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