The Skylancer Academy upskills talented individuals across a variety of fields to succeed in the top online marketplaces for freelancers.

Skylancer Academy Overview

The Skylancer Academy consists of mentorship sessions and advanced technical training that enables experienced individuals to monetise their skillsets online.

This program is for anyone with talent and experience in a diverse set of fields – ranging from translation and voice-over work to graphic design and web development – to take their skillset online.

The program will help build a solid foundation to start working as a freelancer immediately on top English and Arab speaking freelancing marketplaces as well as social media channels.

Not only does it teach digital marketing fundamentals and how to navigate online market places but is also accompanied by professional skills training that solidifies technical knowledge to attract and manage international clients.

Benefits of joining the Skylancer Academy

In addition to the training received and to start working online quickly, participants will be able to enjoy the benefits of our partnership with Payoneer and Upwork.

We help set-up accounts on both platforms, with free promo-codes and special access, that will help kick-off the freelancing journey, win that all-important first client and securely withdraw funds earned digitally.

We welcome all graduates into our community of alumni where they will find a group of like-minded individuals.

They continue to have access to career counseling sessions, mentorship, a host of events and activities, wide variety of resources and online courses as well as a broad community of local and international developers, designers and talent. 

Meet our team

Qualifying for the Skylancer Academy


Whilst in-person and remote mentorship sessions are only 3 hours a day, 3 days a week participants must be prepared to dedicate significant time outside of this to fulfill the program requirements and assignments. It is only with this commitment that you can expect to succeed in a highly competitive online world.


Freelancing may be a side-hussle for some, but for this course and to become a successful freelancer requires serious motivation. Freelancers must constantly be developing  their technical skills as well as those learned during the program.


An ability to understand and speak English at least at an intermediate level is a must. This is critical to working in a global marketplace and communicating with future clients.


Participants should have some previous work or a portfolio to showcase their skills and abilities as the program is focused on helping bring prior experience into the digital world. It also helps convince clients that they can deliver and get past that first hurdle of winning work online.

What do our graduates say about their experience?

Fadwa Owida is an architectural engineer who joined the freelance academy as a graphic designer-- setting an example for pursuing your passion. As soon as she started as a freelancer, she was able to work with an Omani and then German company for over 8 months, before recently joining a Saudi company as their Design Director. “I currently work with clients from all over the world, and I’m not stopping there; I’m now working as a UX/UI designer since the day this became my challenge.” Fadwa now also acts as one of our Freelancing Mentors for other budding designers.

Fadwa OwidaArchitect

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