Our Training Activities

Gaza Sky Geeks is always running a large variety of programs and activities from 1 day workshops about translation to 6 months Start Up Acceleration tracks. You can find our programs throughout Palestine – we have dedicated training halls and venues in Gaza & Khanyounis, as well as partner venues in Jerusalem and cities in the West Bank from Nablus to Al Khalil.

Watch this short video to learn about our three major programs supporting coders, freelancers, and startups.

This Year

In the table below, you can see all the training activities we have run or are planning to run in 2022 – some of the exact details (dates, number of participants) of the training are approximate and liable to change.

If you are interested in connecting with us to run a training for your company or in hiring graduates of our trainings, please reach out at: [email protected]

Projected Number of Trainings
Projected Training Participants
Participants So Far
Please note the table above only shows our trainings for individuals – it does not include our awareness and outreach events (short sessions to engage with the community and spread general awareness about tech) nor does it include numbers relating to the trainings we do with companies (working with Start Ups & SMEs in Palestine).