Since 2015, GSG has helped build successful startups that create value for entrepreneurs, investors, customers, and communities. Through structured founder and investor education, as well as access to unique banking, payments, legal, marketing, and tech services only available through GSG. We help founders just contemplating an idea all the way through raising seed capital from investors across the globe. 

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GeeXelerator Overview

The GeeXelerator is an intensive 16-week pre-seed acceleration program that aims to help teams build a usable product with only the most essential core features, validate the core product feature with users, launch the feature online for public use, and scale their product’s user base.

The GeeXelerator program is for budding entrepreneurs who are passionate about their idea and have a clear vision of a problem they are trying to solve. The program supports teams to build their startups and concepts but also business acumen more generally.

The program seeks out well-rounded teams, where co-founders have a mix of business experience and technical talent to quickly get their prototypes off the ground, gain traction and begin pitching for seed investment.

Benefits of joining the GeeXelerator program

In addition to the curated mentorship program and support, tailored to suit each startup teams working style and concept, they can also expect the following during the program:

  • For those that reach phases two and three of the program – up to $2,000 grant money per team for marketing, online services, or other costs 
  • Access to marketing and hosting credit for launching products from companies like Amazon, Hubspot, and Facebook
  • Access to shared coworking desks, electricity, fiber internet, and other amenities in GSG’s co-working hub
  • Access to additional in-person and online mentorship from international experts, software engineers, CEOs, designers, and marketing gurus who have worked at companies like Google, Uber, Soundcloud, and many other companies
  • Access to GSG’s investor network and eligibility to participate in regional startup competitions

We welcome all graduates into our community of alumni where they will find a group of like-minded individuals.

They continue to have access to career counseling sessions, mentorship, a host of events and activities, wide variety of resources and online courses as well as a broad community of local and international developers, designers and talent.

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Qualifying for the GeeXelerator program


Every cofounder should be willing and able to commit 15 hours/week of time and energy for reaching out to customers, launching a fully usable product with main functional features, and solving a real problem in the world.


An ability to understand and speak English at an intermediate level is a must. All materials of the course are in English and in the final phases of the program, co-founders will need to pitch and communicate with international customers, partners and investors.  


The program seeks out highly motivated and proactive self-learners that are willing to adapt, be flexible, and learn quickly. The teams should be complementary in their backgrounds and what they contribute, with a shared goal and vision of the concept and ideally possessing a mix of business and technical skills as well as some prior professional work or startup experience.


The program aims to support startups that

(a) have the potential to scale and target large markets in the MENA Region and around the world, or

(b) recognizing that not all online products launched from Palestine can achieve this, product ideas that may be targeting the local market but are technology driven and able to demonstrate rapid revenue generation potential

Startup Academy & IdeaLab

To join the GeeXelerator program, the bar for experience, validation, and demonstrated commitment is relatively high. To reach a broader audience in Palestine, better prepare prospective founders, and build a pipeline for the accelerator program, GSG sees room to provide Palestinians contemplating or curious about launching a new venture with additional options.

The first is a crash course on considerations that all founders should know. This “Startup Academy” is the first of its kind in Palestine, and will launch in the summer of 2020. An actual business model or idea is not required. The curriculum is 8-10 weeks and is intended to provide interested trainees basic entrepreneurship skills, as well as a preview of what GSG’s startup accelerator program and international investors expect.  

The second pilot program is the “IdeaLab”, also set to commence in 2020, and will provide participants with an intensive six-week online idea validation program that helps teams to develop their ideas and work on testing their assumptions with world-class experts and mentors.

These programs aim to build talent in the fields of leadership, marketing, business strategy, financial planning, ideation, and market research with a hybrid mix of theoretical and experiential learning.

Both initiatives seek to build the entrepreneurial capacity of the participants and the ecosystem in general, rather than focusing on developing a single idea or success of an individual concept, as a means to engender transformational and sustainable change which applies beyond any one business.

What do our graduates say about their experience?

The Startup program is one of the most important programs that affected me greatly throughout my ten years work experience, I really enjoyed every single moment in the startup program, and if I had the chance to re-join the program and live the journey one more time, I will do that! I am pretty sure that I will gain something new in each time, I would love to thank the startup team for the love they showed us and great efforts they made

Amal HumaidFounder of Afkar startup

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