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Palestinian developers are remote-first, resilient, and ready. GSG’s Talent Services Team makes hiring them easy.

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We help companies worldwide scale their teams with top-tier Palestinian web developers.

We have been training, nurturing, and supporting entrepreneurs and developers for over a decade. Since 2017, our  Code Academy has trained hundreds of developers not only in the latest technologies but with a “remote-first” mindset and cross-cultural communication skills.

GSG’s Talent Services Team introduces you to them. Our team helps you increase the diversity of your distributed teams by giving you access to this top technical talent. Our graduates are trained to quickly get up to speed on your technologies and processes, but more importantly, they bring a unique perspective on resilience and problem solving, both as software developers and humans.


GSG developers are only eligible for training in the GSG Code Academy after performing over 1,000 hours of self-learning HTML/CSS and Javascript fundamentals. We actively seek out developers who have a demonstrated capacity for critical inquiry, research, and self-learning. We then ensure that admitted trainees have English proficiency, are adaptable, and have the behavioral mindset for an intensive six-month course. 


GSG developers undergo over 1,000 hours of pair programming, refactoring code, writing algorithms, and delivering prototypes to clients. They focus on Javascript, React, and Node.js to start.

Beyond those technologies, we equip our developers with the skills and attitude to be lifelong self-learners, ready to pick up new technologies and start their careers in local or distributed teams.


Only the top developers who graduate from our six-month training program are presented to our clients. After hire, we continue to provide career coaching and professional development services to our developers. Through our customized recruitment processes and ongoing support, we aim to work in partnership with clients to deliver value for money and long-term growth potential for the next generation of Palestinian tech talent.

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