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IT Foundations Program

IT Foundations is one of Gaza Sky Geeks’ Tech Education offerings. Dedicated to the fundamentals of programming and software development.

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Who is this Course for?

This course has been created in response to the demands from the GSG community members and the general needs of the Palestinian labor market. It is designed to quickly and effectively expose a wider range of participants – with little to no previous technical knowledge – to career opportunities using coding fundamentals.

The program is run 100% remote over the course of 5 weeks, but on a part-time basis (15 hours per week). All teaching is done online and it provides comprehensive introductions to fundamentals of programming and software, as well as the soft skills needed to succeed in the twenty-first-century global economy. The training will be delivered in an online format. The training will be led by GSG employees as well as external mentors.

Little to no previous technical knowledge is required.

Impact Stats

IT Foundations program’s goal is to empower Palestinian youth to gain the foundations of programming and IT allowing them to progress to advanced tech education training and opportunities and subsequently high-paying jobs.


What you will learn from the program


  • Introduction to Computing and Automation.
  • Binary and How it works.
  • Introduction to Computer Hardware.
  • Computer programming and algorithmic thinking.
  • Understanding of programming and software principles using an easy-to-learn programming language; Python.
    • Object-Oriented Programming concepts.
    • Data Structures in Python.
    • Control flow statements in Python.
    • Introduction to Python as a programming language.

Personal Skills

  • Self-learning skills.
  • Build good relationships by engaging with the GSG community.
  • Develop emotional intelligence
  • Skills critical to effective teamwork.

Eligibility Criteria

Successful applicants must…

  • Above 18.
  • Gaza Strip Only.
  • Finished High School or are currently enrolled in university.
  • Preferably fresh or unemployed university graduates.
  • Have a passion for Problem solving and Math.
  • Have a passion for learning programming.
  • Want to pursue a career in technology.
  • Interested in joining technical training.
code academy students

Next Cohort Launches: SOON 2023

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