• $40 can help us pay for one square meter of new office space for an entire year

  • $80 can help us pay for a full day of increased generator, fuel, and maintenance power up an additional 100 freelancers, coders, and startups in our new space

  • $100 can covers 1 full day of generator electricity in our current co-working space

  • $300 could pay for the weekly amortization costs of installing new fiber wiring and WiFi routers to support hundreds of connected devices for hackathons, workshops, and coworkers

  • $500 can enable 4 women to commute to our hub from the other side of Gaza for a month to learn to code and build businesses

  • $1,000 could pay the full cost of tuition and expenses to train one Gazan full-stack developer.

It has been a tumultuous year in Gaza and around the world, bringing challenges and uncertainty, but also tremendous pride in what we have been able to achieve as a community. Now more than ever do we see the value of improved livelihoods, a global exchange of ideas, and hope for the future made possible by the internet.

So what lies ahead? We have two major goals that we need your help achieving in by the end of 2018:

Double our existing space in Gaza City: It’s been 18 months since we moved across town to our new coworking hub, but we are already at capacity with 117 daily users on average! In 2018, we hope to expand to a second floor and open a 600 square meter, fee-based co-working area for Gaza’s digital workers that will be open until11:00 PM. While operational costs will eventually be covered through desk rental fees, opening the space will require an upfront investment (we typically have to pay six months of rent up front).

Train 96 software developers in our existing space: We have already started to see what is possible when talented Gazans are provided with the training and tools they need to be competitive in the global software development market. We want to harness this potential and triple the number of developers ready for work with regional and international clients.

PS: Gaza Sky Geeks is a part of Mercy Corps, a registered 501(c)3. You will receive a confirmation from Mercy Corps after donation. 

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