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Your support empowers the next generation of Palestine’s pioneering founders, freelancers, and coders.


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Gaza Sky Geeks is a program of Mercy Corps, a USregistered 501(c)3 and EU-registered charity. Your donation is likely eligible for matching through your employer and may be tax-deductible if you reside in the USA or EU.


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We are a community-driven organization that values giving back and paying it forward. Join our international community of volunteer mentors consisting of top-tier engineers, marketers, designers, investors, and tech startup leaders.

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We provide over 1,000 hours of intensive coding and professional skills training to create Palestine’s best junior developers. Our customer success team will assess your requirements and vet the best candidates for your needs.


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Does your company have in-kind services you can offer or other partnership ideas? Join leading global brands like Google, Amazon, Heroku, Slack, Hubspot, Salesforce, Upwork, Stripe, and more in supporting Palestine’s tech sector.

How can your donation help?


Keep the lights and electricity running in our coworking spaces, which serve hundreds of workers, for the day. 


Support an aspiring freelancer through the entirety of our Freelance Academy program.


Pay the full cost of tuition and expenses to train one full-stack developer.


Support a weekend-long hackathon to promote great female participation in tech.


Provide the opportunity for a startup team to partake in an international roadshow and residency program over a three-month period, pitching ideas and learning from global investors— then taking that experience back to Palestine and sharing it with the community.

Donation Frequently Asked Questions

How can I donate via wire transfer?

Please use the information below when sending funds to Gaza Sky Geeks / Mercy Corps via international wire, ACH, or other means of electronic funds transfer. If possible to include a note, write that the donated funds are for “Gaza Sky Geeks, Fund Code 32607.”

Bank Name:

Bank Wells Fargo Bank, N.A.
1300 SW Fifth Avenue
Portland, Oregon 97201

Transit / ABA: 121000248


Account Name:

Mercy Corps
45 SW Ankeny Street
Portland, Oregon 97204

Account Number: 405 000 7228

Notify: Please email [email protected] as soon as you have initiated the wire transfer so that we can make sure it gets credited to Gaza Sky Geeks correctly.

Specific questions or issues regarding wires sent to Gaza Sky Geeks/Mercy Corps may be directed to Mercy Corps Palestine Finance Director – Tammam Shahwan, at:
Mobile +972528121207 | Office 02-6284563 Ext: 104 | Email: [email protected]

How can I donate by mailing a check?

Print and fill out this donation form. In the comments section of the form and in the memo section of your check, clearly write: “Funds should be allocated to Gaza Sky Geeks -Fund Code 32607”
3. Send your cheque by post to:
Mercy Corps
45 SW Ankeny Street
Portland, Oregon 97204
The attention of: Mr. Jay D Price, Global Treasurer

Can I donate via PayPal?

No, not directly to Gaza Sky Geeks. While it is possible to make a general donation to Mercy Corps via PayPal through its general donation portal, it is not possible to have it earmarked for Gaza Sky Geeks at this time.

Can I gift digital currency to a Gaza Sky Geeks wallet or financially contribute using digital currency assets?

No, not at this time. Currently, we can only accept donations via credit card, wire transfers, or paper checks.

Is GSG an independent non-profit? Where is it legally registered?

Gaza Sky Geeks is not currently a legal entity. Rather, it is a distinctly branded program of Mercy Corps. All Gaza Sky Geeks team members are Mercy Corps employees, contractors, or consultants.

Mercy Corps Palestine, under which GSG operates, is locally registered with the relevant ministries in both Israel and Palestine.

Mercy Corps is a global humanitarian and development organization with operations in over 40 countries. Its primary global headquarters is in the United States, where it is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization registered in the State of Oregon. All donations to Gaza Sky Geeks will flow through Mercy Corps’ bank accounts and financial management systems.

Mercy Corps also has legal and financial registration in the UK, where it is a registered charity. Visit Mercy Corps’ Europe website to learn more about donating in euros or British sterling.

Can I donate cash?

No. We can only accept donations via credit/debit card, wire transfers, or mailed checks.

Is there a separate crowdfunding site or other channel for donations?

Not currently. Gaza Sky Geeks has previously run two large crowdfunding campaigns that utilized separate donation mechanisms and crowdfunding platforms. Outside of such campaigns, the easiest and most direct way to donate is through the links on this page to Gaza Sky Geeks’ dedicated Mercy Corps fundraising page.

Are there tax benefits to donating?

Most likely, yes, if you live in the USA or EU. Check your local tax authorities policies and regulations to verify if your donation to Gaza Sky Geeks through Mercy Corps is eligible for tax benefits.

Can I donate equipment, books, or other "in-kind" donations?

Possibly. Please contact the Gaza Sky Geeks team directly if you would like to discuss in-kind donations further.