The Code Academy provides intensive tech-education training, professional skills and job-readiness support for those looking to become professional coders and developers.

Code Academy Overview

The GSG Code Academy is Palestine’s first intensive coding bootcamp, currently delivered from a flagship campus in Gaza City as well as a second location in the West Bank city of Hebron. The GSG Code Academy is an immersive, 6-month career accelerating web development bootcamp.

This program is for anyone truly serious about putting in the time, effort, and determination to become a junior web developer ready to work in a tech company. A university degree or prior technical experience is not required.

The goal of the Code Academy is to accelerate the growth of globally competitive coding talent in Palestine. We believe that by helping Palestinian youth build high-tech and modern skills to participate in the growing tech sector, they will have access to a sustainable and long-term pathway in high-quality employment.

We also believe in the power of community. Through our unique learning environment led by graduates of the course, we cultivate curious, resourceful, and collaborative learners who are as committed to the success of their peers as their own.

We believe the Code Academy goes beyond producing junior web developers who can solve complex coding problems and build beautiful websites. We are developing the future leaders of a vibrant and inclusive Palestinian tech sector.

The skills and programming languages learned include:







Learning Phase

(1-2 Months)

Build a strong foundation in web development with a focus on Node.js and React through:

  • Interactive workshops and coding challenges
  • Performing code review and technical presentations
  • Completing programming and group projects
  • Using the Agile methodology
  • Learning design principles and UX/UI

Practical Phase

(3-6 Months)

Jumpstart a professional portfolio and boost future employability through:

  • Creating an attractive online portfolio
  • Building products for real-life local and international clients 
  • Access to technical interview preparation, CV writing, and other job-readiness support
  • Receive a crash course in freelancing from our Skylancer Academy team 

Ongoing Support

and Engagement

After the program, all our graduates serve as mentors for the following cohorts.

By teaching the course to the next cohort, the graduates reinforce their skills and build their confidence in presenting and explaining technical concepts. They also contribute to building a self-sustaining community that can cultivate future generations of skilled developers.

Benefits of joining the Code Academy

In addition to a strong foundation in web development  – with a focus on Node.js and React – throughout the course participants also learn how to build projects individually, in pairs and in teams.

Acquainted with best practices in web development, we also help jumpstart a career as a web developer by building on non-technical and personal skills.

We welcome all graduates into our community of alumni where they will find a group of like-minded individuals.

They continue to have access to career counseling sessions, mentorship, a host of events and activities, wide variety of resources and online courses as well as a broad community of local and international developers, designers and talent. 

Meet our team

Qualifying for the Code Academy


The Code Academy is like a full-time job: 8+ hours daily, 5 days per week. To excel in this course, participants must be fully committed to putting in the time and effort it takes to grow into a professional developer.


This is not a course for people to explore a hobby – this is for people who are determined to begin a career as a professional developer and are willing to put in the time and effort to get there.


An ability to understand and speak English at an intermediate level is a must. All materials of the course are in English and in the second phase of the course, our participants build products for and communicate with international clients.


Being proficient in HTML, CSS, and JS are absolutely critical to being a web developer. Prospective participants will be guided on how to self-learn the basics of these programming languages before starting the course via the application process.

What do our graduates say about their experience?

Quitting university to join a 6-months-coding course, is something nobody might think of doing, but that's what I did. I’m Yousef one of GSG Code Academy graduates, doing this step was for me a life-changing experience. Code Academy allowed me to develop my self-learning skills, added a lot to my technical skills in coding, and now I’m proud to be working with one of Google for Startups incubated startups as a junior full-stack developer.

Yosef Al-NajjarCode Academy Graduate

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