Want to be a Full-stack web developer?

The Code Academy is Palestine’s first full-stack coding bootcamp with a flagship campus in Gaza City and second campus in the West Bank city of Hebron. We train 16 students per cohort in a full-time, intensive course for 8 weeks with an additional 16 weeks of project-based learning with real-world clients to jumpstart your professional portfolio. The objective is to graduate as full-stack developers who can deploy production-grade software online and secure high-quality jobs with companies or work as freelance developers.

Our immersive course is peer-led and project-based with students working in teams of 4. Students take turns delivering workshops, running code reviews, and managing projects. The course covers test-driven development, using a full JavaScript stack (JavaScript and Node.js) with relational databases. We also teach aspects of UX design and project management.

The Code Academy was launched in partnership with Founders and Coders, a London-based coding bootcamp. Read more about the curriculum here.


    The Academy is like your full-time job, 8+ hours daily, 5-6 days per week


    We look for serious motivation and commitment to become a professional software developer


    An ability to understand and speak English at least at an intermediate level is a must

What You'll Learn

There are no age or formal education requirements to join the Code Academy. Applications include a set of prerequisites that will need to be completed for consideration, including the completion of the Front End Development course on FreeCodeCamp and achievement of Level 5 kyu on Codewars in addition to building your personal webpage and an image carousel purely with HTML, CSS and JavaScript. The full list of requirements is included in the application.

An IT background is absolutely not necessary to join the Code Academy! We encourage people with diverse backgrounds to apply, as long as they demonstrate a passion for web development and a commitment to the full-time demands of the program.

The Code Academy curriculum is divided into two sections.

The first 8 weeks are focused on teaching full-stack development through a combination of classroom-style teaching and group and individual projects. Topics covered include version control systems with Git, Github and Gitflow, asynchronous code with Javascript, HTTP and APIs, semantic HTML/CSS3, responsive and mobile-friendly website design, and test-driven development and continuous integration best practices.

The second 16 weeks allow students to put this training into action, working with real clients from the community to develop fully-functioning websites and apps to build their portfolios. This project-based learning is critical as it ensures that graduates complement their new technical skills with experience working in teams, building complete prototypes to test their ideas, answering to clients, and managing the lifecycle of a product.

Coding Academy trainers are experienced local and international developers who have completed the same coding course. Trainers to date have included experts from a London-based coding academy, as well as local graduates from previous cohorts in Gaza. They have been working for many years and will have a lot of experience to share with you!

The Coding Academy curriculum is designed to give students the required technical skills as well as the professional hands-on experience to become successful working developers. This focus on real projects allows students to practice communicating and working with real clients to be able to enter the market with strong skills and an established profile.

Unfortunately, we do not currently accept part-time applicants. In order to prepare cohort graduates to be solid professional coders, the curriculum requires an intensive time commitment of 8 hours a day for 6 months. When our coders are in the course, this is their full-time job.

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