Senior Web Developer

Mercy Corps’ Gaza Sky Geeks program recently launched a commercial Digital Agency to connect graduates of GSG coding and freelancing programs with customers for their digital services abroad. During its first phase, the digital agency has successfully engaged with a number of international clients, from VC backed startups and social enterprises based in London, to US health tech companies. The digital agency is now ready to scale and grow both our team in Gaza and the number and size of our international clients.

Gaza Sky Geeks (GSG) now seeks to hire an amazing senior web developer with a strong history of professional experience with commercial clients and project management. Our new senior developer will join the growing team at the GSG Digital Agency.

Your typical day may include scoping a project from an international client; mentoring junior developers (graduates of GSG’s six-month long coding academy) and troubleshooting their problems; working with scrum masters to make sure they are effectively managing their teams; and giving clear, regular updates to GSG technical and business leaders.

Gaza Sky Geeks is also building a community of developers, freelancers, and startups here in Gaza. You will also be expected to support this larger work of GSG by contributing and consulting with other GSG program areas to maximize impact.

The role is full time and situated on site in Gaza Sky Geeks.

Primary Responsibilities:

  • Give technical advice to development teams working on commercial projects for international clients
  • Ensure the quality of our code is error free, well documented, and efficient
  • Make architectural decisions about how we design and build a product for a client.
  • Oversee the professional and educational growth of our developers
  • Provide input to the GSG Code Academy team on technical trainings and other resources to help better prepare graduates to work with international clients
  • Oversee client project scrum masters and project managers to ensure projects run smoothly and on time
  • Manage client relationships, using written and verbal English at the highest professional standard. While doing this you will be expected to be able to:
  • Follow up promptly with any client communication within 24 hours
  • Clearly articulate complex client problems and find a solution that works for the client
  • Build a deep understanding of clients needs and product


  • Excellent communication, oral and written (English and Arabic).
  • Excellent software development skills with excellent understanding of agile/scrum methodologies
  • Excellent knowledge and understanding of the JavaScript language
  • Excellent knowledge of at least one front-end JavaScript framework (i.e. Vue / React / Angular, etc.)
  • Good knowledge of best practices for HTML and CSS
  • Experience and passion for mentoring and teaching others technical topics
  • Constantly curious and eager to learn new skills in management, leadership, as well as technology
  • You are humble, a great listener, and open to feedback.  

Submit an application here. Applications close on Thursday 22nd of November.

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