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Note: Unfortunately, we cannot obtain entry permits for people to enter Gaza if they have an Israeli passport or a West Bank ID or if they cannot obtain a visa to enter Israel.

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We will work with you on this extensively if you give a workshop. Please use this field to tell us about the skills that you feel comfortable sharing with our community (e.g. growth hacking, Node JS, React, pitching for investment, etc.)

If you are interested in visiting Gaza in-person (i.e. not only remote mentorship), please record a short video explaining your motivation. Keep it to 2 minutes maximum and ensure sharing permissions are on. Post a link to the video here.

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We're working on making our mentor network public and searchable on our website. Please let us know what you'd be comfortable with.

Covering the costs

For a one week visit, account for $200-500 for hotels (depending on your budget level & availability of accommodations), $200-1500 for your airfare to Tel Aviv or Amman, depending on your point of origin, and about $200 in taxi/public transportation costs to get to/from Gaza's border.
Please let us know who referred you or if you know anyone who is affiliated with Gaza Sky Geeks.

Please note that we are not able to respond to every mentor application we receive. If your skills are an immediate match for our program's needs, we'll be in touch as soon as possible. But we may also reach out to you in the future for specific advice, mentorship, and support as new needs emerge that match with your skillsets and availability.