Our crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo is off to a strong start thanks to your support! We set an initial goal of $70k, and at this rate, it looks like we’re going to meet it.

We’re incredibly grateful for the hundreds of people who have already joined the movement to launch startups from our frontier market and give youth opportunity.

We are committed to launching successful startups from Gaza – real online businesses that are scalable and become profitable. The next Facebook could be cooked up here. Or the next SalesForce, Google, Uber, you name it.

Here’s what we can do with more support:

Our stretch goals for this campaign

Infographic for the Gaza Starts campaign

  • With $150k: We can keep HALF our staff in place and grow our startup pipeline. We will focus especially on fostering the next generation of women founders in Gaza.
  • With $250k: We can keep our FULL STAFF and run our key outreach event for 2015. This year, we’ll run a hackathon for Gaza’s top talent to compete with international geeks!
  • With $500k: We can run ALL ACTIVITIES needed to grow awareness of startups in Gaza, identify top talent, prepare teams for investment, and accelerate invested teams.  We would take Gaza’s startup CEOs to Silicon Valley for the first time – and maybe Europe and the Gulf too!
  • With $1.5M: We can launch Gaza’s first startup success stories. We’ve got a strong emerging startup movement in Gaza. Top potential entrepreneurs in our pipeline will receive ‘Entrepreneurs in Residence’ fellowships – a safety net that empowers them to focus on their startups until they receive investment.


Support our movement. Give now at www.gazastarts.com

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