As the manager of Gaza Sky Geeks, it is my pleasure to launch my team’s new blog.

Before arriving to Gaza, I worked at Wamda, Google, Monitor Group (now Deloitte Consulting), and a microfinance organization in the United States. I am originally from the San Francisco Bay Area, which is also the home of Silicon Valley.

The GSG team is launching this blog for the following purposes:

  1. Pool together training materials for Gazan entrepreneurs
  2. Inform Gazans on global trends in entrepreneurship
  3. For people from around the world (including investors and mentors), shine light on the accomplishments of Gazan entrepreneurs and the unique challenges they face
  4. For Gazans, to create an online community for entrepreneurs: a place where you can share your opinions, talk about your experiences, motivate others, and help lead the entrepreneurship movement in Gaza

As you are certain to discover by reading the posts here, the startup movement in Gaza is starting to grow. Many Gazans are hardworking, willing to take risks, creative, and smart. These people are eager to turn their community into a vibrant hub for internet startups.

We are creating this space so that entrepreneurs and ecosystem leaders can share their learnings with each other, so that Gazan entrepreneurs can access the world, and so that the world can access Gazan entrepreneurs.  At Gaza Sky Geeks, we believe that this is just the beginning of tech entrepreneurship in Gaza.  We also believe that what makes entrepreneurship special is the community’s ability to both compete and support each other.  We invite you to do that here.



by staff writer

Iliana Montauk
Gaza Sky Geeks Manager, Mercy Corps Digital Economy Program Manager