Our perks from the crowdfunding campaign have shipped! Those of you who contributed $500 and claimed a scarf will want to know the special story behind it.


CLoaTHe is a new company that partnered with Mercy Corps’ Gaza Sky Geeks in a win-win situation: we would help CLoaTHe launch as a company, and CLoaTHe would provide beautiful merchandise at-cost.

CLoaTHe handcrafted its limited edition scarf, Philistia. Made by a Palestinian-based team of economically disadvantaged women. The scarf was designed for this campaign featuring traditional Gaza pine tree, a symbol of steadfastness, carefully embroidered atop fine cotton.

cloathe 1

CLoaTHe, an affordable luxury brand that integrates global ethnic designs into innovative modern fashion, aims to empower women, create jobs and support great causes around the globe.

Enjoy your unique CLoaTHe scarf! By wearing it, you are supporting a new Palestinian-based company as well as Palestinian women embroiderers. Plus, you’ll be supporting your own wardrobe – the scarves are gorgeous.