Keeping Up With The GSG-ers!

February, 2018

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GSG is growing! Literally!

Yet again, it’s time for GSG to expand our physical space. As we expanded our programmatic offerings in 2017, so did the size of our community and demand for workspace. We have taken over an additional 135 square meters and kicked off construction this month. By March, we will provide private and shared offices, and designated desks for members to rent on a month-to-month or lease for longer periods.
It’s a bit noisy these days at GSG with construction, but every sound of drilling and hammering reminds us of the exciting future we’re stepping into. We’re ecstatic to see our community growing and even more thrilled about continuing to being the premier destination for Gazan geeks. Seeking suggestions on how to decorate our additional wallspace!


GSG Startups
As the 2016-17 acceleration program has concluded we believe that congratulations and good wishes are due to some of our startups. Here’s what they’re up to:

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  • MomyHelper: After making an international name for themselves by winning second place at Startup Istanbul 2017, the MomyHelper team is hard at work on acquiring new users. We’re excited to say that they’ll be staying put in GSG and have rented an office where they’ll be working day in and day out to take their startup to the next level.
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  • MockApp and VidMass: After landing themselves a seed investment from the Ibtikar fund, both startup CEOs were invited to attend the fund’s exclusive annual LP (limited partners) meeting alongside some the best leading Palestinian startups such as Mashivisor and RedCrow.
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  • Izaari: Last December they hit their target of soliciting 200 orders on their website and are currently working on targeting new markets for their products. We have high hopes for Izaari’s continued success.
  • Also, both Izaari and Tashbeak were selected to speak at the Salon Des Entrepreneurs event for startups in Tunisia.