#MeetTheGazans: GSG Takes on the West Bank!

GSG is expanding our reach to the West Bank with the launch of Geek Labs, a GSG-Mercy Corps initiative to take the leanings of building a tech ecosystem in Gaza and transplant them to the West Bank context.
After months of coordinating permits, GSG facilitated travel for 19 community members to travel to the West Bank to showcase their work as entrepreneurs, freelancers, and coders and share experiences with leading organizations in the West Bank tech ecosystem, such as the  
Ibtikar Fund, UMake, Rawabi, Palestine
Polytechnic University and others.
The group is spending a week running events and workshops in Ramallah
, Hebron, and Bethlehem. Among the events are workshops such as “How To Make Money From The Internet As A Freelancer”, “Women In Tech And Entrepreneurship”, and “Gaza Startup Stories”.  We’re thrilled to enable this opportunity to share the love and know-how from Gaza to the West Bank.
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learn more on their journey!