Phase I: Entrepreneurship Fundamentals (April 3rd – April 22nd)

3 weeks phase. teams are introduced to Entrepreneurship fundamentals, such as Lean canvas, funding and investment, presentation skills, etc. T By the end of the phase, they will be able to define their business model and work on their market research


Week 1 (April 3rd- 7th)

  • Teams work on: Startups’ Lifecycle, Market Study, and lean Canvas

 Week 2 ( April 10th – 14th)

  • Teams work on: Equity, funding, and investments 

Week 4 ( April 17th- 21st)

  • Teams work on:  Pitching, pitch decks.


Final Presentation on April 21st 


Phase II: Idea Validation and Market study (April 24th- May 22nd)

3 weeks phase. Teams work on validating their ideas, business model, and value proposition. 

Week 4 (April 24th – 28th)

  • Teams work on: Competitive analysis & Market sizing

 Week 5 (May 1st – May 5th) 

  • Teams work on: Validating assumptions, preparing the business model canvas, and learning about the market study through case studies.

 Week 6 (May 8st – May 12th) 

  • Teams work on: Financing modeling 


Phase III: Building the product (May 22nd- July 29th)

Teams work using Agile scrum methodology in 10 weeks, 4 sprints, 2 weeks for each on defining core features and developing them.

Week 7 (May 22nd – 26th) 

  • Teams work on: Define and build the most important core features and collect feedback from customers.

Week 8 (July 5th – 9th)

  • Teams work on: Testing and continue to develop the first core feature, through interviews A/B testing

Week 9 (July 12th – 16th)

  • Teams work on: Develop the second core feature/ user story and collect feedback.

Week 10 ( July 24th-  28th)

  • Teams work on: Continuing to develop core feature / Ship a new feature/ user story. Presenting KPIs and analytics to be tracked, and getting analytics tools set.


Phase IIII: Launching and Marketing (July 31st-  Sep 15th)

6 weeks phase where teams will get ready to launch their products and get attraction. 

Week 11 ( July 31 – Aug 4th) 

  • Teams work on: Creating and delivering a Product Launch Marketing Strategy

Week 12 ( Aug 7th – 11th)

  • Teams work on: Analyzing initial feedback and customer interactions, refining marketing approaches

Week 13 ( Aug 14th – 18th) 

  • Teams work on Improving customer acquisition.

Week 14 ( Aug 21st – 25th) 

  • Teams work on Improving customer acquisition and improving KPIs

Week 15 ( Aug 28th- Sep 1st)

  • Teams work on Improving customer acquisition and improving KPIs

Week 16 ( Sep 4th- 8th )

  • Teams work on Preparing the final presentations 


 Final DEMO DAY Sep 15th