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Gaza Sky Geeks, Palestine’s leading tech hub, has been supporting and fostering Palestinian tech talent and startups for over a decade. In 2022, Gaza Sky Geeks Markets introduced the Market Systems Development program, a groundbreaking initiative designed to propel Palestinian companies toward their full potential while enhancing their capacity to access international markets. This visionary program consists of two pivotal components, one of which is called “Train to Hire.”

Through Train to Hire, Gaza Sky Geeks offers a transformative opportunity for companies providing them with a pool of highly trained tech professionals to enhance their capacity and deliver exceptional quality to their clients. One such company that eagerly embraced this initiative is Tech360, with their General Manager, Hasan Afifi, recognizing the tremendous potential of accessing top-tier tech talent from Palestine for their partner company EJADA, a renowned IT services provider spanning the Middle East and Africa.

Tech 360 and Ejada sought to tap into a pool of vetted tech talent specifically trained in the precise skills they needed. Emphasizing a departure from generic training programs, Train to Hire honed in on developing the exact competencies required by EJADA, ensuring that the trainees were equipped to excel in the company’s unique operational environment.

EJADA has enlisted the expertise of their seasoned team leaders from the regional branch to be the instructors. At the same time, Gaza Sky Geeks meticulously recommended numerous graduates from our tech training programs. After a thorough selection process, ten individuals were chosen to participate in a rigorous 16-week intensive program, honing their skills in front-end and back-end development. As a result of their remarkable progress, seven of these trainees were offered permanent positions, leading to a significant expansion of EJADA’s team in Palestine, which now comprises a total of 33 employees.

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Ahmed Merie, one of EJADA’s new hires, is a 23-year-old from Bal’a, Tulkarem. Ahmed holds a degree in computer engineering from Palestine Technical University Kadoorie. He first joined the Gaza Sky Geeks community as a trainee in the React program. After bolstering his tech skills with React, Ahmed was quick to apply for the Train to Hire program as a stepping stone into the labor market. “ When the opportunity presented itself, I jumped at it, “The training provided extensive knowledge of React, which was a dream come true for me as a devoted fan of the technology. I feel proud to be one of the fortunate individuals who secured a job. This learning journey has given me the opportunity to kick-start my professional career and made me fortunate to do so in a company like Ejada.”

EJADA is well-known across the Arab world. In addition to having an office in Umake and a co-working space in Ramallah, EJADA has operations in Saudi Arabia, Egypt, and Jordan, as well as in South and Central Asia. Beyond providing competitive salaries, EJADA offers its employees a dynamic work environment and exposure to a diverse array of clients.

Another new hire, Shatha Abu al Rub, is a computer science graduate from the Arab American University of Jenin. Shatha graduated from university during the height of the pandemic and struggled to secure employment in such an uncertain time. Shatha sought other avenues to keep her skills sharp while job hunting and enrolled in several Gaza Sky Geeks’ technical workshops. Shatha did not hesitate to apply for Train to Hire when she saw the opportunity advertised. Having been raised in Saudi Arabia, Shatha was aware of EJADA as a reputable and thriving regional company.

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Reflecting on her journey, Shatha says, “It was disappointing and frustrating to get rejected from job opportunities due to my lack of real-world experience. Train To Hire gave me the skills and much-needed on-ramp to my first tech job, and I couldn’t be more proud that it’s with a company like Ejada. I’m excited to see where my career in tech takes me!”

According to Qamar Smom, the Admin and Finance Manager at 360, “completing these training and their acceptance into Ejada demonstrates the trainees’ exceptional qualifications and professionalism. They are fully equipped to take on their roles and make an immediate impact. The remarkable talent and professionalism displayed by these young individuals fill me with optimism about their crucial contribution to Ejada’s path to success. Witnessing them begin their real-world work experience is truly exciting.”

We look forward to supporting Tech 360- EJADA’s growth in Palestine and helping regional and global companies access exceptional talent in Palestine.

Gaza Sky Geeks is delighted to play a pivotal role in nurturing the Palestinian tech ecosystem through our groundbreaking program, Train To Hire. Having already collaborated with 8 companies, including Tech 360, we are engaged with 8 more companies in our latest cohort, further solidifying our commitment to driving impactful and innovative initiatives in the region.

Gaza Sky Geeks has been nurturing and cultivating Palestinian tech talents for over a decade. Our relentless efforts have empowered tech professionals and startups to seize global markets and fuel Palestine’s economic development. In 2022, Gaza Sky Geeks unveiled a revitalized strategy to foster a tech-enabled economy in Palestine, focusing on the growth and support of local tech companies. We partner with local tech and digital service companies to train specialized talent, bridge the digital skills gap, and access international markets.

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