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Reeman completed her computer science degree at Al Aqsa University with passion and ambition to enter a career in technology. However, she knew that her university degree alone was not sufficient to compete in the global market. Determined to enhance her skills, Reeman enrolled in Gaza Sky Geeks’ freelancing program (formerly known as E-Work). Reeman’s intuition and awareness of the international market’s needs led her to Gaza Sky Geeks and transformed her life in extraordinary ways.

Reeman: One Gazan Woman’s Journey as a Freelancer and Mentor

The program consists of rigorous technical training along with real-world freelancing experience and a hackathon. Reeman emerged from the hackathon as the first-place winner in the Android group and embarked on a career as a freelancer. Reeman found great satisfaction in the flexibility of freelancing: “To me, freelancing represents not just financial freedom but also the power to take charge of my work. I have the autonomy to choose the number of projects I can handle and the flexibility to set my own hours.”

Reeman’s success was propelled by her remarkable level of persistence, discipline, and ambition. Hailing from Khan Younis in the south of Gaza, Reeman commuted one hour daily to attend the freelancing program in Gaza City. She did this while balancing her familial responsibilities as a mother to twins and a daughter. Inspired by her determination, Gaza Sky Geeks recognized Reeman’s exceptional talent and appointed her as a co-mentor and instructor for programming and developer participants in the Freelancing Academy.

Reeman stepped into her new role as a co-mentor with a natural aptitude for teaching. After just two cohorts of co-mentoring, she eventually became a lead mentor.
In addition to technical knowledge, Reeman’s mentorship emphasizes the importance of soft skills and understanding clients’ mindsets and needs. She says, “Anyone can write a technical proposal, but truly comprehending the client’s mindset can make all the difference in sealing the deal.”

Reeman’s freelancing journey had its fair share of challenges. She grappled with the uncertainty of living project-to-project and structuring her own daily routine. Living in Gaza, where electricity and internet access are not always reliable, she faces unique hurdles related to the logistics of self-employment. Despite it all, Reeman has carved a career path for herself.

Reeman’s is an inspiring example not only for her family but also the broader Palestinian tech community. Witnessing their mother’s journey, her children have developed an interest in coding, requesting their own laptops so they can learn.

As she continues to make her mark as a freelancer, mentor, and instructor across various institutes and universities in Gaza, Reeman stands tall as a leader. Her story exemplifies the resilient and persevering mindset of Palestinians to build a bright future for themselves and their communities despite all hardships.