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By the end of 2022 global tech industry revenue is projected to surpass $5.3 trillion USD. With the increase in demand for digital business practices, tech, and digital service companies have grown significantly. Companies are faced with a unique opportunity to diversify their workforce through the growing availability of remote talent. In response to this global demand, Gaza Sky Geeks has scaled our short and long-term tech trainings to include a wider range of specializations, serving more than 5,500 participants and future tech talent in 2022 alone.

Our expertise is in tech training, and we recently expanded to new exciting horizons. We are now supporting Palestinian and international companies through the placement of our trained tech talents into internships and long-term hiring opportunities. We are helping companies expand their pool of tech talents. And the feedback we are receiving from them is astounding!

Is your company looking to expand its pool of talent? Here are 5 reasons why investing in Palestinian tech talents will be a big pay-off for you:

1. Diverse skills and specializations: Gaza Sky Geeks draws in young talents with high potential, agility, and dedication. We built a community of full-stack developers, freelancers, and technical specialists. Their specializations include Cloud Computing,  Amazon Web Services, and more. Take a look here at our diverse training programs. 

“I had no idea that hiring in Palestine was an option. I hadn’t particularly considered Palestine or Gaza, and then when this opportunity presented itself, I told my partner, Augusta, ‘let’s try!’ and I was more than impressed!”  Dr. Nina, Co-Founder of  MiProbes

2. Bilingual & remote-first: Palestinians are among the most highly educated in the Middle East. We offer bilingual teams with proficient English skills who work across North American and European time zones.

After hiring remote developers from Gaza, we can say that Palestinian developers are well-experienced and excellent English speakers. They are rising talents in the regional tech ecosystem, as well.” Mohammad Abu Kwaik, WeDeliver CTO

3. MENA region subject matter experts: The Gaza Sky Geeks team and our trainees have a deep understanding of the MENA region and culture.

“Hiring a remote team from Gaza added a lot to our team. They bring a different mindset to the staff and the work environment.” Mohammad Abukwaik, CTO at WeDeliver.

4. Budget conscious: Teams based in Palestine can deliver quality work at a competitive price compared to North America, Europe, or Gulf-based agencies. 

Alan El-Kadhi, Director of Gaza Sky Geeks and tech entrepreneur with over 20 years of tech experience says: “Gaza Sky Geeks has a wide pool of tech talent who are well-trained and ready to dive into meaningful work. We have proven success and high satisfaction rates with our placements. The return on investment is high.”

5. Trained junior talent is ready to take on internships with astounding success! 83% of interns secure full-time employment immediately after their internships and 40% of those interns are hired directly by their internship provider. 

“I never thought of Palestine as a place where I could meet and hire tech talent until I was introduced to Gaza Sky Geeks. Working with tens of recruitment agencies, I can say that Gaza Sky Geeks are honest, upfront, have social value, and are driven by genuine passion.”- Sarah Crawley, Co-founder of SymTerra

How can you build your talent pipeline seamlessly? 

Building a talent pipeline costs energy and money. Many companies rely on networking events and expensive recruiters. Gaza Sky Geeks’ Talent Matching Team replaces these costly options by working directly with tech companies to hand-pick Palestinian tech talent to meet company needs.

We make it easier for you to build a dedicated team through an efficient process:

1. First, we complete a consultation to scope out your business needs.

2. Then, we build a training curriculum that is tailored to your skills gap in your own technology or niche specialization.

3. We curate a list of trainees based on selection criteria pre-determined by Gaza Sky Geeks and your team. Once the selection is made, we support you onboard and seamlessly integrate the individuals into your team as either interns or employees.

4. Once the individuals are hired, we coach them to ensure they are nurtured and supported.

Here is what Sarah Crawley, co-founder of Symterra had to say: “I felt supported throughout the entire process. The Talent Matching Team at Gaza Sky Geeks has been ready to listen, recommend, engage, and support us to find the right candidate, and our experience with them has been painless, easy, and friendly. Even my concerns about money exchange have been addressed, and the service provided by Gaza Sky Geeks has exceeded my expectations. I would advise all companies to consider Gaza Sky Geeks if they are looking for tech talent.

Contact us or fill in this form to expand your pool of tech talents and fill your skills gap with diverse, remote  Palestinian talents.

About us: Gaza Sky Geeks, established in 2011 by Mercy Corps with support from Google, is Palestine’s leading tech hub that trains, nurtures, and supports emerging tech talent with the goal of creating a sustainable and inclusive digital job market in Palestine. Gaza Sky Geeks talent matching team helps companies build their teams with top-tier Palestinian talent. Participants who graduate from our technical training also participate in employability workshops, technical skill builders, internships, and other experience-based projects.