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In a professional setting, a mentor can offer guidance and insights to those with less experience. In an academic setting, a mentor can assist students in exploring education and career options,  helping recent graduates launch their careers and establish networks. Mentoring allows people to learn from and support each other

Mentoring tech talents means you can help them grow. You’d be amazed how this meaningful experience can impact you as much as it impacts those learning from you. Mentoring isn’t limited to the exchange of knowledge and skills, it is a human connection, and an experience you’ll never forget. 


Here we share five reasons to mentor with Gaza Sky Geeks and how it can be as rewarding for you as it is for Palestinian mentees.

Why should you consider mentoring at Gaza Sky Geeks?

1-Improve your leadership skills: Mentoring requires strong communication and leadership skills, and the opportunity to mentor in-house or remotely will help you develop and improve your soft skills. Let’s be honest, it also looks great on your CV and LinkedIn profile!


2- Networking opportunities:

You will have the opportunity to meet and network with other industry professionals from the MENA region and around the globe. You’ll get a chance to meet like-minded industry folks, and  establish new valuable connections. 

3- Personal and professional growth:

This experience can be a rewarding and enriching career experience for both the mentors and the mentees, as it allows you to exchange knowledge and learn from your mentees. Our recent mentors say how much this experience is both memorable and rewarding, as it allows for self-reflection and personal growth.  

4- Giving back to the community: Mentoring with Gaza Sky Geeks gives you the opportunity to give back to the community and make a lasting change in someone’s life.  Supporting someone’s career inspires a lasting impact on the lives of young Palestinian tech talents. And what better feeling is there? Knowing you are changing people’s lives for the better.

5- Make a positive impact on the Palestinian tech industry:

By joining Gaza Sky Geeks you are instantaneously supporting the growth of the tech industry in Palestine. The Palestinian tech and startup industry is full of skilled and motivated individuals who live under extreme movement and access restrictions, limiting their access to education and career development opportunities. Your contribution enables the exchange of lessons, knowledge and international standards. Your mentorship can help to overcome these barriers and foster innovation in the region.


In summary:

Mentorship plays a crucial role in countering access restrictions and imposed limitations on young Palestinians’ education, career development and economic stability. Our mentors act as a window to the tech world, connecting our community members; most of whom never traveled outside their city; to the fast and growing tech ecosystem. By mentoring with Gaza Sky Geeks, you can influence  real change in someone’s life, exposing them to new experiences outside their limited space, and sharing  global best practices in software development, employability skills, and entrepreneurship. And if you choose to travel to Gaza to train here physically, you’ll experience the undeniable generous hospitality of Palestinians in Gaza. You’ll enjoy the breathtaking beauty of Gaza sunsets and savor of Kunafeh.


Become a Mentor NOW!

Apply now now as seats are limited. Whether you or someone you know is a seasoned professional or have mid-level experience: in program management, sales, marketing, finance, software engineering and design thinking. Apply now or contact us for more information.