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The Code Academy

The Code Academy provides an intensive learning environment, nurturing the development and growth of professional skills. With an emphasis on job readiness, the Code Academy supports those looking to build, upskill and accelerate their career in web development. 

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About the Code Academy

The Gaza Sky Geeks Code Academy is Palestine’s first ever immersive tech education. After three years of successfully running the six-month Career Accelerator Course, the Code Academy has recently added the Fundamentals course to its portfolio. In addition to an increased offering, the Code Academy is expanding geographically: with a flagship campus in Gaza City and recent expansions in Hebron and Khan Younis, the Code Academy is flourishing.

We strive to build and accelerate the growth of competent tech talent in Palestine.

The Shortcut to a Career in Programming

The aim of our course is to build a strong foundation for anyone wishing to establish a career in web development. By combining technical  and soft skills training the Code Academy provides a unique and comprehensive curriculum based on international best practices. Focusing on the programming languages Node.js and React, the course encourages various forms of project-based learning: individually, in pairs or as a team. In short, the course is designed to set graduates up for success.

Bonus: what makes the GSG Code Academy stand out in the world of tech education is the focus on employability. After the course has been completed, graduates become part of our alumni network, supported by GSG through career counselling sessions, access to online resources and courses – in addition to a wider community of local and international developers, designers and tech talent.

Our Courses

The Code Academy offers two courses: Career Accelerator and Fundamentals. They vary in time commitment, tech stack and experience level, but common for both is the mentality of embracing the self learning and growth mindset of a developer. The world of tech is dynamic and ever-changing, and the most successful and relevant developers share a curiosity and passion for staying up-to-date on all things software-related. 

Career Accelerator

  • Full-time | Five Days per Week
  • 24 Weeks | Currently Remote
  • Level: Intermediate
  • Curriculum: Advanced Web Development
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  • Part-time | Three Days per Week
  • 10 Weeks | Always Remote
  • Level: Beginner | Entry Level
  • Curriculum: Foundational Web Development
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Meet Our Graduates


“Quitting university to join a 6-month coding course is something most people wouldn’t consider doing – but that’s what I did. Joining the GSG Code Academy has been a life-changing experience. The Code Academy supported the development of my self-learning skills and it drastically increased my technical skills in coding. Now I’m proud to be working with one of Google for Startups incubated startups as a junior full-stack developer.”

Youssef Al Najjar

“My experience (with the Code Academy) was epic – I enjoyed it so much! The Code Academy taught me more than just web development, it taught me how to be committed, how to focus on little details, and also how to work with groups. It made me wonder, it got me out of my comfort zone and it made me challenge myself. My advice for anyone considering learning web development is to be confident, and do not doubt yourself – it takes time. Trust the process.”

Bashaer Haddad


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Looking to Hire a Developer? 

Are you on the lookout for talented, junior developers? Graduates of the Code Academy are resilient, remote-first – and high in demand! With more than 65% of graduates employed, the Gaza Sky Geeks is quickly becoming the go-to hub for companies looking to hire remote tech talent. Contact our Talent Matching Team today and learn more about how we can help you achieve your recruiting goals.